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The lion’s toothache

Building over the ashes.

Still, after a month or so, all the talks start with “Since coach Martins left…”. One of the longest lasting coaches in Olympiakos’ bench has left the “great port” after four years of service. A lot of great memories, victories, triumphs, and a bitter farewell after we have suffered the most devastating loss playing at home, at the ending of July, by Maccabi Haifa. The result followed two consecutive years of poor performance, talks regarding the team’s confidence, the players’ role in the squad and many other things that there is no point of further expanding.

Talks went around with all of us been curious, furious, disappointed, witnessing a vague and uncertain situation as for the prospects of the new squad and the “day after”. The Corberan’s era has begun, and the fans wondered about the “madman” who had the guts to try getting us back on track.

People tweeted, spread rumours, made fun of the circumstances and most of us lost our patience and hope. Many accused the president of Olympiakos, others still do, and the rest, we just wait. We anticipate for the moment for the club to stand back on their feet and vanish out all the hate and despair that floated all over Olympiakos.

The signs…

The fans have watched players like Giovanni, Rivaldo, Nerry Castillo, Cambiasso, Saviola, Ze Elias, Zetteberg, Galletti, Djordjevic, Yaya Toure, Karembeu and many others, after which they cannot settle for anything “less”. Further to this, over the past decade, the club has been transferring players from and to the English Premier league, something that has boosted the club’s status and left no room for any other Greek football club to compete Olympiakos at any level.

With that being said, the true power of Olympiakos, the fans of the club have undergone for the past 30-35 days all this suffer. Having bad results at home games after years of achieving victories against massive/ world-class football clubs, poor performances, and whispers around the potential of the squad, the… “lion gained a toothache.”

After days of anticipation the name of Pep Biel puts a smile in the funs’ face. The promising Spaniard seems to be joining the club. A highly skilled attacking midfielder at the age of 25 is stepping towards Olymiakos’ doorstep. The numbers for the last season revealed 18 goals and 14 assists for Biel playing for Copenhagen.

Ignition point

Starting from today we are all going to back up, as we always do, the steps of the king back where he belongs. This is what Olympiakos is about: “US ALL”. Olympiakos’ fans, of the most known around Europe and the globe, is the DNA of this club. Because Olympiakos is more than a club; is our pride, is our beliefs, our way of life, our passion and endless psychosis.

This is why WE are different. Because for us Olympiakos is our history, our roots, our fathers and grandfathers, our way of thinking, our mentality, our joy. Olympiakos means Piraeus, and vice versa. For all these reasons we shall find the way, our unique way, to strike back against all odds; and as the great Milan Tomic said “Olympiakos never ends ”.



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