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Following the fresh start and an easy win against PAOK, Olympiacos’ water polo team showed from the beginning how strong it is, scoring 18 goals. This doesn’t surprise us as they have dominated the Greek League with 9 consecutive championships and 10 cups in the last 10 years.

But the really big thing for our team this year is the European title. Olympiacos already has won 2 Champions League trophies and obviously wants a third. After 2018, the last season in which we won the Champions League trophy, our team has managed to come close to the title but failed to do it. This year though, things are different.

Olympiacos made some massive transfers and, with the combination of young talent and experienced Greek players, the roster is fearless and ready to conquer Europe. But let’s see what has changed in the roster since last year.

Filip Filipovic

In June, Olympiacos made potentially the biggest transfer in the club’s history. One of the most successful players to have ever played water polo has come to Piraeus: the Serbian superstar and national team captain, Filip Filipovic. With his great left hand and passing, Filipovic has literally won everything in his career. He has over 20 medals with his national team: 25 (!) gold and 2 silver. He has also won 3 Champions League titles and has twice been awarded the title of best water polo athlete in the world. He has a truly remarkable career and will be the heavy weapon of our team this season.

Marko Bijac

Another great transfer has completed for Olympiacos; this time we talking about Marko Bijac, who is considered the best goalkeeper in the world right now. The Croatian superstar has already won the Champions League trophy twice, and at 30 years of age, he is ready for new challenges. This transfer might be even more important for our team in that good defence is always more important that good offence. This also covers the gap created under the goalposts after the retirement of our legendary goalkeeper Josip Pavic, with whom Olympiacos last won the Champions League trophy in 2018.

Giannis Fountoulis

Our legendary captain is back after 2 years abroad; Fountoulis is here to lead Olympiacos to the top. Fountoulis might be the missing part in our team. His passion and his great ability to score long distance goals can really upgrade our team. With Olympiacos, Fountoulis has won 9 Greek championships, 10 Greek cups, and the Champions League trophy (2018). He is also the Greek leading scorer of all time with 148 goals. This summer won the silver medal with Greek national team, losing in the final against Serbia and Filipovic. The combination of these 2 players (Fountoulis and Filipovic) will be deadly for every defence.

Andro Bušlje and Duro Radovic

Following the return of Giannis Fountoulis, another former Olympiacos player has returned to our team. The great defender Andro Buslje is back to Piraeus after 3 years abroad. The Croatian defender, who was also in the championship team in 2018 can give the necessary physical strength to our defence. The next arrival might be the most interesting. Born in February 1999, Duro Radovic considered as one of the best-lefthanded water polo players in the World. Only in his 22nd year of age, Duro is also one of the biggest talents in the world and a consistent member in his national team, showingthe great potential he has.


Coach: Thododris Vlahos

Players: Marko Bijac, Manolis Zerdevas, Andro Buslje, Giorgos Dervisis, Duro Radovic, Filip Filipovic, Giannis Fountoulis, Kostas Mourikis, Kostas Genidounias, Cristodoulos Kolomvos, Thanasis Chrisospathis, Nikos Gilas, Kostas Gouvis, Giannis Sirmas, Kostas Mthiopoulos.

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