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Lamia 1-2 Olympiakos: Player Ratings

Tomas Vaclik

One of the better players on the pitch - which is more of an indication of all the outfield players than it is of the GK. The one goal we conceded can't really be blamed on Vaclik, and he made a couple decent saves to keep Lamia from scoring more than one.

Rating: 6.5

Oleg Reabciuk

Quiet game overall, especially from an attacking standpoint. Not too much to talk about here. Defense as a whole was sloppy and he has to take a bit of the blame for that.

Rating: 6

Pape Abou Cisse

Scored a very nice set-piece header to open up the game, but apart from that not very much to be excited about. The needless and inaccurate long balls continue to raise question marks in the minds of Olympiakos fans everywhere. Nevertheless, scoring a goal that was necessary for our victory still earns Cisse one of the higher ratings from today's match.

Rating: 6.5

Sokratis Papastathopoulos

Nothing very spectacular either way for Sokratis. Didn't do much with the ball in possession for most of the game, and wasn't stellar defensively. Like most of the team, very "meh" performance today.

Rating: 5.5

Michal Karbownik

Some nice flashes from the young player, especially in attack, but overall, the right side was poor today. The player is still learning how to be an everyday right back, a position he hasn't played a lot of in his senior career. I expect some of these issues will solve themselves over time as he continues to get games with the team.

Rating: 5.5

Mady Camara

As always, even a slightly below-average Mady Camara is one of the best players on our team, a true testament to the pure talent this player has. In a poor game for the entire team, when the midfield as a whole struggled to hold on to the ball, Mady still had some flashes and nice moments, but it certainly seems as if he's tired. I hope he can get a game or so off and we can see him in his top form for the important European clashes on the horizon.

Rating: 6.5

Andreas Bouchalakis

Boucha's goal ended up being the difference-maker today, and even though it did take a slight deflection, it was hit well by the Greek midfielder. The rest of the game was fairly uneventful; he, too, has played a lot and seemed just a bit tired.

Rating: 7

Mathieu Valbuena

To me, starting Valbuena and Aguibou Camara on the pitch together is a bit of a head-scratcher. As we often see in Martins' 4-2-3-1, Valbuena appeared to be playing higher up the pitch, leaving a concerning opening in the midfield. This is of course more likely to be the manager's instruction than the player's independent idea, though, so it's hard to factor that into his rating for the day. He was subbed off at half-time, and other than the set-piece assist to Cisse, didn't really provide much to the game.

Rating: 6

Aguibou "Baby" Camara

The younger Camara is still figuring things out in Greece. His positioning may be slightly to blame, but at the end of the day, Aguibou didn't do too much to heavily impact the match.

Rating: 5

Henry Onyekuru

I am growing disappointed in Olympiakos's most expensive summer signing more and more by the day. To be fair to Henry, his play did slightly improve when he was moved to the left side of the pitch, a side he seems to prefer. Additionally, his ability to get out in the counterattack won't show as much when we are playing in Greece, especially when the team as a whole is playing so sloppily. But when he got the ball, he did nothing--plain and simple. His struggles against Lamia's back line definitely have me worried for what he will do against stronger opposition

Rating: 4.5

Tiquinho Soares

Tiquinho didn't get the ball much at all yesterday, and while some of this can be attributed to the team overall being unable to hold on to the ball for more than a few passes, it's going to factor into his rating. A very quiet day for the striker without any significant chances - it has to be said that we expect at least something from our striker.

Rating: 5.5

Pierre Kunde

Coming off the last couple performances, and knowing Yann M'Villa would be missing for this game, I wanted to see Kunde start for the club today, but instead he came off the bench at half-time. In what appeared to be a more defensive formation change with Mathieu Valbuena coming off, Kunde saw himself playing rather high up the pitch, especially when applying pressure to Lamia's back line. Overall, it was an average performance for Kunde - not much to talk about either way.

Rating: 6

Rony Lopes

Still have yet to see anything from Rony, who might be our only plausible answer to the right-winger problem for the time being. Lopes, who is supposed to be functional as both a right winger and a No. 10, has yet to show prowess in either spot in the red and white. Another 25-minute appearance still leaves us desiring more.

(No rating as he didn't play enough)

Marious Vrousai

Vrousai picked up a nice assist in European play last time out, but the team as a whole was relatively toothless in attack when he was on the pitch. We didn't see much from him in his 25-minute cameo but hopefully he can string together a series of appearances and improve his form.

(No rating as he didn't play enough)

Thanasis Androutsos

Nothing more than a short cameo appearance at RB, on for Karbownik in the last 10 minutes of the game.

(No rating as he didn't play enough)

Vassilis Sourlis

It's been a while since we've seen Sourlis in red and white, and even in this game we only saw him for about 10 minutes. Hope to see more of him as the midfield will need a bit of rotation in the coming games.

(No rating as he didn't play enough)

Coach's Grade

In a game where nothing seems to have gone right except for the result, many Olympiakos fans are turning to Coach Martins for answers. The manager has made a few puzzling decisions, almost as if he has been overthinking his tactics of late. As Olympiakos fans, we have been put in a position that would've been hard to imagine even just a few months ago: wondering if Martins has lost the plot. I still think we should push forward with Pedro, and give him a chance to figure it out, but there were certainly some worrying things today. In possession, we had trouble stringing more than a few passes together, which must be blamed at least partially on the players, not the coach. I'm more concerned with how dangerous Lamia looked with the ball. They seemed to be able to cut through our midfield, and not much could be done on the part of Martins to fix it. He made changes but they didn't have a significant effect on the game, although it must be said that Martins was missing some of his top players in M'Villa and El Arabi. In other words, this game is not entirely Pedro's fault but it's also not entirely on the players either.

Grade: C+


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