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Δεν υιοθετώ - Don't Shoot the Messenger #2

  • How did AEK decide to acquire Judah Garcia, Levi’s brother? Were they so impressed with Judah’s performance in the I-League, India’s second division, or does it have to do with Levi and his rumoured discontent with AEK’s present condition (terrible team performance, no attacking plan whatsoever, fans’ “love attack” after the 1-5 against Olympiacos, etc)?

  • Does he have any chance of staying in AEK’s roster or are we more likely to see him loaned out to Lamia, Apollon, or Ionikos (randomly chosen teams of course) ?

  • For whom was Achilleas Beos’ apology for Douvikas not choosing PAOK intended? Is there a chance we see Mr. Beos in an administrative position at PAOK in the near future? What does Ivan think about that?

  • Was Kostas Frantzeskos, currently coaching Apollon Larisas in Football League 2, attacked in the locker rooms after the victorious away game (0-1) against Doxa Dramas? Why did Apollon not press any charges? Is there any truth in the rumours that the match result, unbeknownst to Frantzeskos, wasn’t what it was “supposed” to be?

  • Which former Olympiacos (Aris, Iraklis too) player is now at 32 pursuing a career in real estate?

  • Which “Big 4” coach was trying to explain tactics to his players while they were laughing at him for having their opponent start 12 players on the drawing board? Can he ever regain their trust or is the team already on the lookout for his replacement?

  • What does the return of the “prodigal sons” and hardcore Panathinaikos reporters Vasilaras (Head of Media Relations at PAO) and Nikologiannis (Sport-FM) signify? Did Mr. Alafouzos decide to hold a united front against other teams (and not just Olympiacos for once) or did he realize that it’s cheaper to invest in PR (which is Mr. Skai’s specialty after all) than players?

  • If so, why did Vasilaras’ statement after PAO’s playoff 0-0 with PAOK about teams who buy Football Unions and burn cars not get much air time from Skai? Did Mr. Alafouzos personally censor it because he didn’t want to upset his “friend”, Ivan?

  • Which former PAOK goalkeeper with significant career abroad left the team because of rumours of homosexuality?

  • If Mady Camara were to be sold this summer, would he leave for anything below €20m?

  • Which super-agent is going to make the golden deal for Mady, Mino Raiola or his arch nemesis and Pierre Issa’s new partner, Federico Pastorello?


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