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Δεν Υιοθετώ- Don't Shoot the Messenger #4

Hello Olympiacos fans around the world! Welcome back to another season of Olympiacos and the return of our “behind the scenes” of Greek football!

For the new readers and those that may have forgotten, this column is called “Δεν Υιοθετώ”, after the notorious expression from the legendary “Δίκη της Δευτέρας” TV show, which roughly translates to “don’t shoot the messenger”. We’re going to leave formations, tactics, XGoals, subjectivity, and match analysis to the experts; it’s all about the “dark side of the pitch” – referees, managers, team owners, the Greek Football Federation, and so on.

Our goal is to recreate some of the atmosphere of Red Café before an Olympiacos game, where you hang out with your buddies with your frappe in hand and unabashedly talk all sorts of football gossip, rumors, and παρασκήνιο In general.

With the new season underway, there’s lots of things to talk about – none of the Big 5 teams are dazzling us (to put it mildly), Zagorakis out, referees always a “bright” spot, etc:

  • Are they really so eager in EPO to extend JVS’ contract at Ethniki or would they prefer to see what happens with Spain first before they commit?

  • Could the leak be coming from a certain side? Wouldn’t Fyssas and Konstantinidis (JVS assistants) have the most to lose if JVS bids farewell to Ethniki and would therefore want him to renew ASAP?

  • How are things in PAOK between the Savvidis family and Erasitexnis? Is it all rosy or is the new stadium (and the money that should go to Erasitexnis) causing friction between the two parties?

  • Does the firing of the two PAOK reporters, Kolkas and Vasilopoulos, from the OPEN weekly football show have anything to do with the side they chose?

  • Is the situation between the PAOK Ultras as peachy? Or have there been violent incidents between far-right and far-left elements among their ranks that have been severely downplayed by their media?

  • How is Ingason recovering from his injury? Does PAOK’s decision to send him to the B team have to do with his gradual recovery or is it related to his contract negotiations and the increase he’s asking for?

  • Did Mark Clattenburg know something we didn’t when he sent the Dutch VAR Ruperti to AEK-Aris and Panaitolikos-OSFP?

  • Is it true that certain people in EPO weren’t at all happy with that decision?

  • How big is the scandal instigated by EPO with the rearrangement of the minor leagues and the partial merging of Football League into Super League 2? Have we seen just a small part of it till now?

  • Why was Mr. Dimitriou, former head of the committee in charge of the permits for league participation and transfers, sacked by the Federation? Wasn’t he just trying to do his job? Does it have to do with certain teams (Aigaleo for instance with its ties to Thomas Mitropoulos) that “had” to get permit no matter what?

  • Could the resignation of Mr. Boutsikaris from the Superleague presidency have to do with the ever growing schemes at EPO and its takeover by the forces of Exygiansi? Will Panathinaikos harden their stance towards EPO even more in the near future?



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